The ramshackle town of Tatzlford rests perilously close to the infamous Hooktongue Slough. The jagged shadow of of the tall darkwood trees casts a shroud of gloom on the desperate souls who call this place home. Many are drawn here to make their fortune cutting a swath of darkwood lumber through the lush forests of the slough. Others journey to these remote fringes to start over, piecing together their shattered lives on the edge of an untouched wilderness far from the things of man. Persecuted zealots and outcasts flock to Tatzlford. Here, these fanatics practice their strange and often deviant rites unfettered by the mores of civilization. Still others are lured to Tatzlford by the promise of great adventure. Peril and splendor await within the accursed halls of the aboriginal chiefs of old, whose incredible reigns long ago shattered and crumbled to dust.

Town nonstandard ; AL NE GP Limit 1,500 gp; Assets 40,550 gp DEmographics
Population 1,300
Type isolated (human (whiteman) 82%, human (aboriginal or other nonwhite) 10%,, feychild 4%, halforc 2%, wilder 1%, other 1% )
Authority Figures
Gavel Thuldrin Kreed, male human (Owner Kreed’s Lumber)
Magistrate Vamros Harg, male feychild, Magistrate Elect
Sheriff Deldrin Baleson, male feychild, Sheriff of The Hooktongue Slough
Boss Payden “Pay Day” Teedum, male human Overboss of Kreed’s Limbar


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